Specific Unique Surgical Techniques Assisted by Endoscopy in Detecting:

-  Incarcerated Vitreous in Sclerotomies

-  Origin Enigmatic Intraocular Hemorrhage or Infection

-  Subretinal Placement of Infusion Cannula

-  Sclerotomy Induced Retinal Detachment

-  Vitreous Not Observed Through Microscope

-  Creation of Posterior Vitreous Separation in Macular Hole Surgery

Endoscopically Monitored:

-  Vitrectomy

-  Membranectomy

-  En Bloc Dissection

-  Air-, Liquid-, or Silicone Oil- Fluid Exchange

-  Internal Drainage of Subretinal Fluid

-  Retinotomy / Retinectomy

-  Lensectomy

Retinal Detachment - Laser Endoscopic Repair

Disease Specific Applications:

-  Surgical management of Diabetic Retinopathy and its Complications

-  Retinal Detachment

-  Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy

-  Dislocated Cataract

-  Dislocated Lens Implant

-  Neovascular Glaucoma

-  Endophthalmitis

-  Intraocular Foreign Body

-  Hypotony

-  Choroidal Hemorrhage

Endoscopically-Assisted Intraocular Foreign Body Removal