CPT Coding for ECP

In January 2005, a dedicated CPT code was established by Endo Optiks for Endoscopic Cyclo Photocoagulation. That code is 66711.

ECP can be performed in combination with cataract surgery or as a stand alone procedure for glaucoma.


Q:  What are the indications for ECP?

A:  ECP is indicated for the treatment of glaucoma including mild, moderate and severe disease.

Q:  What is the difference between ECP code 66711 and TSCPC code 66710?

A:  66711 can only be used for the intraocular ablation of the ciliary processes under direct visualization.

     66710 refers to transcleral cyclo destruction

Q:  Does Medicare cover ECP when performed alone and when combined with cataract surgery?

A:  Yes, ECP is reimbursed as a stand alone or combined procedure when performed as medically necessary.

Q:  What is the global surgery period for 66711?

A:  ECP is considered a major surgical procedure with a 90 day posteroperative period.

Q:  Can 65875 (severing posterior synechiae) be billed with 66711, since the iris is filled with viscoelastic in a combined procedure?

A:  No. NCCI bundles 65875 with 66711, so no separate reimbursement is available.