Patient Selection

●  For the novice, select a pseudophakic patient with a PC IOL or perform a simple a combined Phaco/ECP. Avoid complicated cases.

●  ECP on patients with AC IOLs and aphakes can be performed by the novice but may not be as straight forward.

●  Phakic patients should be avoided until the surgeon is experienced and proficient with the technique as damage to the lens is possible.

●  A review of the literature will show that all mechanisms of glaucoma can be treated with high expectations of beneficial results.

●  Previous medical therapy or surgical interventions are not a contraindication for ECP application.

●  This topic can be discussed in more detail with your Endo Optiks Specialist.

Avoiding Inflammation

●  Avoid overtreatment of the ciliary processes. Do not pop. Treatment should be gentle and controlled.

●  Only work in adequate space between the iris and anterior lens capsule. Inadvertent laser application to the iris root could cause post-op inflammation.

●  Treat with steroids. Intensive topical, subconjunctival injection, intracameral injection (preservative free), post-op oral steroids, or perioperative IV steroids can be used.

The Benefits of Phaco + ECP

Stanley Berke, MD, FACS, explains the process and benefits of performing Endoscopic Cyclophotocoagulation (ECP) during the cataract procedure after phacoemulsification is complete.

Clinical Studies