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Welcome to the Physician’s Information Area. Here we will continue to provide the latest materials to educate and aid our customers in the art of applying endoscopic-laser techniques in both glaucoma and vitreo-retinal surgeries. We are gathering invaluable resources from some of the best and most experienced surgeons who have helped to cement the value of the laser microendoscope in ophthalmology. We also look forward to showcasing your sample surgery and educational videos/lessons here for other doctors to benefit from. (A submission upload link can be found in the Resource area.)

The Spotlight Surgeries section contains videos of ECP (glaucoma) and retina surgeries, as well as physician submissions. These can be viewed from this page and downloaded in both WMV and MOV formats.

The Lessons section contains our ever-growing tome of instructional articles from endoscopic masters. Read about the techniques of ECP and retinal endoscopy accompanied by photos and illustrations.

Our Gallery section contains a collection of endoscopically captured images illustrating anatomy, diseases and procedures.

In the Resources section, you will gain access to:

› Reimbursement Information

› Powerpoint Presentations

› Patient Education Materials and Videos

› Cases Assisted By Endoscopy