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Beaver-Visitec® Endo Optiks® is the world’s leading brand in microendoscopy, specializing in combined laser and endoscopy systems to provide simultaneous imaging and treatment through 19g, 20g, and 23g microendoscopes. Endo Optiks is the only solution in ophthalmology to offer light, imaging, and laser all in one probe.

Our signature glaucoma procedure known as Endoscopic Cyclo-Photocoagulation, or ECP, is a safe and effective approach to lowering IOP and reducing medications long-term and is most commonly performed at the time of cataract surgery.

Wide-field, high-resolution imaging has become the standard of care for the treatment of glaucoma and for a wide array of retinal applications. Endo Optiks® New, high resolution 23g imaging offers an unobstructed, 120 degree, panoramic view of the posterior segment that is invaluable in overcoming the limitations of the operating room microscope.

A Heritage of Precision, Innovation and Quality...
Beaver-Visitec International brings together the 80-year heritage of Beaver® microsurgical blades, Visitec® cannulae and instruments, Merocel® fluid control products, and Wet-Field® electrosurgery products. So you have a single, responsive source for trusted brands with a longstanding tradition of quality and innovation serving all areas of ophthalmic surgery. Beaver-Visitec International is focused on developing and manufacturing new, innovative and reliable products for a variety of ophthalmic and specialty microsurgical procedures. Our products are distributed worldwide by sales and marketing professionals recognized throughout the industry for their clinical expertise and outstanding customer service. Thank you for your interest in Beaver-Visitec International. We look forward to serving you.