Combining ECP With Other MIGS

ECP was the first minimilly invasive glaucoma procedure to be combined with Phacoemulsification for the treatment of uncontrolled open-angle glaucoma in 1995. ECP is affecting the inflow of aqueous production rather than ouflow that is addressed with the newer MIGS devices. As with pharmaceutical treatments, the balancing of the inflow and outflow mechanisms has become the treatment choice for many surgeons. ECP is simple to combine with canal based procedures including iStent, CyPass, Trab 360, GATT, Kahook Blade and Trabectome.

ICE - iStent, Cataract, ECP

ICE (iStent, Cataract Surgery, ECP) has been shown to be safe and more efficatious than Cataract iStent alone.  ECP is typically performed following the stent implantation and cataract surgery. In this recent study comparing microbypass stent implantation, cataract extraction and ECP vs stent and cataract extraction alone,  the standard Phaco/ECP technique of inflating the ciliary sulcus with viscoelastic prior to inserting the endoscope through the Phaco incision was utilized. 270° of ciliary processes were treated.

ECP is an aqueous inflow reducing procedure. Combing ECP with other outflow procedures offers a balanced surgical solution for the patient that follows the same line of thinking that is used when offering inflow and outflow medications.

"Combining ECP with iStent allows me to tailor glaucoma treatments for my patients."

Nate Radcliffe, M.D.

"I am performing Phaco/ECP/Cypass/Trab360 in patients with severe glaucoma that need a really low IOP."

Steven R. Sarkisian Jr, M.D.


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